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Every Ride Becomes a Memorable Journey

At "Let the Good Times Roll," we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of all people including those with disabilities by providing a compassionate and companionate service. Founded by Dunedin local, Keryn Goodsir, our business is built on a foundation of community, inclusivity, and unwavering support.

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Founder and Driving Force behind Let The Good Times Roll.

Keryn Goodsir, a dedicated Dunedin local, brings a unique combination of experiences to "Let the Good Times Roll." She's not just a business owner but also a compassionate advocate for individuals with disabilities. 

With her unwavering commitment and a natural flair for enriching lives, Keryn ensures each journey is safe and memorable.

Keryn's possesses the skills necessary for ensuring safety and efficiency. Her passion for making meaningful connections shines through, as she understands that each ride is an opportunity to create a positive impact in someone's life.

"Let the Good Times Roll" is more than a service, it's a cherished companion in the lives of those it serves, dedicated to transforming each ride into a delightful and unforgettable experience.

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